Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm not doing a Yo-Yo diet but, I keep loosing a couple pounds than gaining it back. I actually think I'm self sabataging. I'll do really good for 3-4 days, then I eat everything in sight. The babysitting has been going well. I'm enjoying the structure and more kids in my home. My sons are usually doing pretty good with it. Logan, has his days where he needs tons of attention and it is hard to hold him and keep up with 3-4 other kids. I do it, but by the end of the day, I am happy to hand him off to daddy after those needy days. Jack goes back and forth between being happy to have friends around to not wanting them to play with his toys- so he is still adjusting. Food wise, I've been trying to make somewhat healthy meals for the kids for lunch. I've been including a protein, fruit or veggie, and sometimes a starch. Yesturday they had turkey, green beans, and peaches- mostly peaches. Then snacks weren't as healthy yesturday- animal crackers and apples in the morning, gold fish in the afternoon, and both gold fish and animal crackers as a late afternoon nap. I ate cupcakes for breakfast-2, green beans for lunch, a couple animal crackers, and chili for dinner and no night time snacks- yet- this is the time I like to eat everything in the kitchen. On Sunday, I made a bad decision for weight loss and brought tons of cupcakes home and ate all but 4 of them:(

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