Friday, December 18, 2009

Speaking of forming good habits...

...I've completely forgotten my day TWO weeks in a row now and am going to post on Sheri's day just so I can catch up a bit. Sorry, Sheri!

Anyway, these past two weeks, I've come to learn a few things. #1 - I really did lose most of my brain when I had children. #2 - It's NEVER coming back! #3 - I need to slow down...a TON. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I try to multi-task, but without writing things down, I forget half of what I was planning to do. I finished 95% of my shopping before December even came upon us and I was so proud of myself and thought I'd have so much time to do whatever I wanted. WRONG! I'm even busier now. And most of it has nothing to do with Advent or Christmas. So, while completely stressed out, I was still holding my weight...losing a small amount.

Then this week came. My husband went down South for a business conference for the week, so I decided to pack up the boys and visit a dear friend of mine about 5 hours away. I had not seen her for almost 2 1/2 years and she is one of my closest friends that I have. We met in college and instantly were best of friends. She has two beautiful children around my boys' ages, so it was perfect! Those few days with her were exactly what I needed! We did nothing but sit around and chat and watch our children play. It was then, along with some great spiritual reading, that I realized what I've been missing in this season of joy and peace. I was missing simplicity. I was missing time taken to enjoy the present. And once I slowed down, I was no longer stressed out. So, I vowed to keep that going. And that is part of what I've decided will be my New Year's Resolution. Once I take time to breathe, I will be a happier and healthier person overall. And I got to workout twice!

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