Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Im not at a good point

These past few weeks have a been a real test on me and I must say that I failed. That is really hard for me to admit especially to other people. Things at home with the boyfriend are holding on by a thread and a lot of issues came up that need to be worked on but I dont know and I feel like all I can do is just throw my hands up in the air and scream. So needless to say that has triggered a lot of unhealthy eating in me. Stress and emotional eating has gotten the best of me. I stepped on the scale and I just wanted to cry. I really know that I have to step up my game on losing weight and eating healthy because when I see the numbers go higher on the scale it just reminds me of being 314 pounds again and I cant be that person again. I need to refocus on losing 30 pounds and going from there. I am planning on losing at least 2 pounds by next weeks check in.

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