Monday, November 30, 2009

Back on Track:)

So, after quit awhile of a hiatus, I'm back on track. Life can get the best of me, stresses with Logan, traveling, and just plain giving into, my constant urge to eat out. Just an idea of how many meals we've eaten out in the last week - we have 8 new glasses (free at McD's with a super size meal) So, tonight we went shopping- healthy shopping- Caputo's. When I shop at Caputo's I come home with fruits, veggies and meats:) A very good choice when following the lifestyle change I NEED to make. So, my plan- 3 healthy meals- few carbs, high fiber. Soda, My actual biggest weakness- not sure what I'm doing there- not ready to give it up. I may just focus on eating healthy and portions, but allow myself my soda--
I keep thinking baby steps is the way to go-- change one habit each week, or one new goal each week. So my goal this week is healthy meals and I'll let you know next week how it went.
I do have some stresses and difficult eating situations coming this week- Logan is having a test to determine ultimately if he needs a feeding tube on Friday (I keep eating double for him even though he is not nursing) Then Friday night we have a party for Aaron's work- stressful in the fact that it is lots of unhealthy food and stressful in the fact that I don't know many people there. Then on Saturday is my Birthday- I have to have cake for my b-day (weakness number 105). We are also going out of town for the weekend- Sat. and Sun. So, with all of that, wish me luck:)

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