Thursday, October 22, 2009


I've been having a hard time eating healthy because of stress. I'm trying to limit serving size, but I am craving unhealthy foods- mac and cheese and coke big time. I am definitely not drinking enough water so that's my goal for today.

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  1. Tracy~ I know what you mean. Being under stress makes it so hard to eat healthy!! Keep on trying to limit serving size. Like if you want Macaroni and Cheese, maybe have just 1/2 of a cup which is 1/2 the standard serving and makes it only a 3 point indulgence but still gives you the taste of that comfort. Also, with the Coke. Maybe you could buy yourself those little 100 calorie cans of Coke and allow yourself to drink one per day to give you the taste of it? That would be just 2 points. I know it is so hard! I am SUCH an emotional eater!! You can do it though!!!!