Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Do I Do It?

Snacking. Snacking. Snacking.

I know it can be okay, even good to snack, but for me, it's more just something to do with my hands. As a mom of 2 little, energetic boys, you'd think that I'd never have issues with keeping my hands busy. After all, running around, chasing after them, along with the endless (or so it seems, some days) diaper changes, clothes changes, and cutting up their food into itty bitty pieces should keep my hands busy enough. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I have categorized myself as a "bored eater." I tend to munch when I am not keeping busy - and by busy, I mean, so busy I don't think about eating.

This is probably my biggest issue. That and portion control (but that's another topic for another day). And exercise. Okay, so this is a big issue for me. I need to eat something small inbetween meals because I'm a nursing mom, but I know it should be more nutritious, instead of potato chips, ice cream, or pasta that's leftover from last night's meal. I should also make sure to eat more lean proteins and veggies and fruits. So, this past week, I've been making more of an effort. I haven't done 100%, but I've been doing better. I've eaten a couple apples and said "no" to pasta. Another thing I've been working on is limiting my pop (or some might say, "soda"). I drank pretty much nothing but pop while in college. It was my caffeine-staple. When Scott and I first got married, we both were HUGE pop drinkers. However, once Matthew was born, our budget got cut to less than half and we cut it out of our daily diet. It still was something I tended to crave, but since I was pregnant with Mark, I really worked on drinking a LOT more water. And these past couple of weeks, I've been limiting myself to one glass of pop a day, if that. I've noticed that the healthier food that I eat, along with drinking water most of the time, my taste for pop has declined considerably. I can't stand to drink more than a small glass and once I have drunk the glass, I have no desire for more.

Along with trying to change a few small habits, I've been working on getting organized and getting my half-finished projects into finished projects. I'm a very crafty person - I love starting projects and really enjoy making things myself instead of buying them at the store, but I tend to start something and never finish it. So, that's also another goal. It'll get things done (much to the relief of my husband!) and it'll keep my hands busy. All the while, keeping a glass of water next to me :).

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